Monday, May 23, 2016

Lost SG X Hideout

Made my way to LostSG and Hideout last week after my last paper (oh boy was i soooooo glad) and I had an amazing time there! It was a great day out with my friends and location's convenient as well- located in the centre of our bustling city... Dhoby Ghaut! 
Don't need to bring many stuff, forget your portable chargers cuz you won't be needing that phone.

1. Your phones will be safely locked away so you cant google your answers in the game(wont be fun if you do!)
2. You'll be busy spending time playing and cracking your brains there so ain't nobody got time fo that anti-social-phone-staring.

but dont forget to bring your brains along because inside the room....
NO CHILL! Haha i mean seriously.... 

For LostSG, we got to play room Aokigahara. It's actually based on a legit forest in Japan where people commit suicide, and people made a movie out of it too.

Prior to coming to LostSG, not knowing about this theme they had, I looked up on this forest because i read up abit on it somewhere and got curious. Too curious for my own good. A lady living in Japan shared on her blog that she felt really uncomfortable as she strolled further into the forest, it was an experience, but one she never wanted to have again. Waaaaah the chills~

I totally forgot about this forest thing until I watched the trailer video before entering the room... TOO LATE GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLL 😐😐😐
 It's a horror cum investigation type game where we look for clues to get out! Overall not too much of a scare coming from a person who hates horror stuff haha. 

We got out of the room 5 minutes late. Realized our problem was not looking at the entire place... Was too dark and I dared not stray my eyes too far away from my friends. So be observant! Every single object matters! The technologies were meticulously planned too! Shall not dwell too much into it - I hope you'll get to enjoy it as much as I do. Be creative and observant!

We had polaroids taken and they have props too!!! Wheee!

one for us to keep and one for the wall!!!

and after the makeover... 

Spot yourselves? ^^

BUT before that... We were ushered to Hideout for gaming!

Hello, gorgeous! 
Spacious room for you to jump about and snuggly beanbags from @doobbeanbags to roll around on! 

This game is chinchaaaaa the cutest! One player hides and everybody else (seeker) tries to find him/her judging by distance apart from the latter shown on the screen.

Quite comical watching the short charaters running so slow cuz their legs are so short no matter how kanchiong we are. haha!

We took turns to be the "hiding" fella you gotta try this role ok!!! Very satisfying when you manage to shake off people!

The second game is scarier cuz the seekers need to shine the "ghost" to kill it while the "ghost" tries to touch the seeker to kill them. But this game the ghost cannot be seen by the seekers... Super thrilling! 

 We explored other games as well and screamed (what, we are girls ok) we just let ourselves be comfortable BECAUSE....!

jang jang jang!
...these egg trays act as soundproof, how clever! Recycling 100/100!

There are also boardgames for you to play. NO BOREDgames :D haha 

And if you're hungry, you could grab a few snacks from their counter!

just ring for assistance!

AND HURRY summon your friends!! cuz... LOST SG is also giving away escape room tickets worth $95.60 😱😱😱😱 for off-peak hours to 4 of my readers/followers!!!

Gogogo to my instagram post @chewyanyan to find out how you can win!! LOST SG will be choosing the winners so dont wait!!! 

Good luck!

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